Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Daiana  Cuibus


The recent Romanian grammars – Gramatica Limbii Române (GALR) and Gramatica de bază a limbii române (GBLR) – redefine the article, both as a morpheme and a Det(erminer). The major issues derived from such an approach concern, on one hand, the really innovative character of the analysis, and, on the other hand, their suitability to the specific of the Romanian language. As a preliminary conclusion, we observe that some concepts need to be clarified and used in a more coherent and constant way. The main problem is, nevertheless, the acceptance of the syntactic function of a grammatical morpheme.

Cuvinte-cheie: articol, morfem, determinare, determinant, morfosintaxă.
Keywords: article, morpheme, determine, Determiner, morphosyntax.

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