Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Elena Faur


The present paper aims at demonstrating that Sextil Puşcariu developed an original conception on metaphor which to a large extent and on more solid theoretical grounds anticipated „the contemporary theory” proposed by cognitive semantics in this field. The analyses of the metaphorical instances extracted from S. Puşcariu’s Limba română, I. Privire generală (1940) prove the fact that the Romanian linguist has assumed a “cognitive” perspective on metaphor, which highly contrasts to the traditional rhetorical one. His view has later found an echo in Eugeniu Coşeriu’s conception and, recently, in the development of Coserian theory of metaphor, proposed by Mircea Borcilă. Unlike cognitive semantics, where the image projected from the metaphorical source to the target remains external to the semantic contents of the words, for the Romanian linguists the image is neither separated from the linguistic concepts or “ideas”, nor from the world’s vision that emerges in the historical languages.

Cuvinte-cheie: metaforă, imagine metaforică, metaforă conceptuală, metaforă a limbii române, semantică cognitivă, lingvistică integrală.
Keywords:  metaphor,  metaphorical  image,  conceptual  metaphor,  metaphor  of  Romanian language, cognitive semantics, integral linguistics.

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