Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Eugen Simion


The theme of identity has concerned, in recent years, the French academic milieu, in the attempt to redefine the national spirit. The subject should be discussed much more in the Romanian cultural space, where there are usually two types of discourses: first, an elitist, demythologizing discourse, which identifies the national spirit with the doctrine of nationalism; the second one, a traditionalist discourse, adopts instead a strident rhetoric. The lines of force of the Romanian identity, yet unspoiled, are based on the idea of space (land, country), on language, on the unity (based on the common origin and on a way of being), on issues of faith (the majority Orthodox religion in a Latin linguistic space), on the active tolerance (humanity), and on the critical spirit.

Cuvinte-cheie: identitate, mondializare, psihologiaromânească, sentimentulnaţional, mentalităţi.
Keywords: identity, globalization, Romanian psychology, national feeling, mentalities.

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