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Ion Mării


The author discusses the lexicographic article bujaie from DA 1913, p. 681, article edited based on a single attestation, a communication from teacher S. Liuba from Maidan locality in Banat, today called Brădişorul de Jos, Caraş-Severin county.

Having no established etymology in the above mentioned dictionary, bujaie is discussed by Andrei Avram, Dumitru Loşonţi, and I. Mării. Andrei Avram considers that bujaie is only a lexical variant of the word buiede, explanation accepted by DELR 2011, p. 302, but rejected by D. Loşonţi, who considers that bujaie is, in fact, an inexistent word and that probably S. Liuba transmitted the word “bugeac”, pronounced buźac and written by S. Liuba bujac, a dialectal form wrongly read bujac (bujaie) either by the one who carded the communicated lexical material, or by the editor of the lexicographic article. Considering the word “bujaie” as an existing one, I. Mării thinks that it is a derived word with the collective suffix -aie from the dialectal form boj, a lexical variant of the word “boz”, an etymology the author gives up as a result of a real indirect documentation (= by correspondence) and accepts without hesitation D. Loşonţi’s explanation.

Cuvinte-cheie: lexicologie, etimologie, lexicografie, Dicţionarullimbii române (DA), bujaie, buiede, buiagă, bugeac.
Keywords: lexicology, etymology, lexicography, Dictionaryof the Romanian Language (DA), bujaie, buiede, buiagă, bugeac.

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