Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Eugen Pavel


The paper focuses on the scientific and human relations settled between the two linguists through a rich correspondence, held between 1921–1937, specifically within a total of 56 unpublished letters addressed by Iorgu Iordan to Sextil Puşcariu. The epistolary dialogue to which we refer was triggered by a broad review that the Professor from Cluj had written, in the journal “Dacoromania”, about the doctoral thesis of Iordan. The latter was impressed by this analysis of his work. The themes around which their correspondence revolves are specific to such scholars, who were absorbed by various university and academic concerns: the exchange of publications, the promise of future reviews, the work for The Dictionary of Romanian language, the scientific competitions at the department, the organization of conferences, the difficult process of editing books, the trips abroad, the meetings with great linguists of the time, including Meyer-Lübke, Leo Spitzer, Carlo Battisti, Antoine Meillet or Karl Jaberg, the connections with various Romanian linguists, among whom there were several members of the Museum of Romanian language. Iorgu Iordan evokes, in his letters and his reviews, some important moral and professional qualities of Sextil Puşcariu, such as his impartiality, his scientific objectivity and his generosity towards peers.

Cuvinte-cheie:  Sextil  Puşcariu,  corespondenţă,  Iorgu  Iordan,  „Dacoromania”,  „Arhiva”, Dicţionarul limbii române.
Keywords:   Sextil   Puşcariu,   epistolary   correspondence,   Iorgu   Iordan,   “Dacoromania”, “Archive”, The Dictionary of Romanian language.

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