Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Cipriana-Elena Peica


Sextil Puşcariu is a complex personality that stood out due to his multiple interests in all areas of the Romanian language and literature, to the novelty of his ideas, as well as to the numerous studies and articles on language history, dialectology, Romance, phonetics and phonology, lexicology and lexicography, literary history and criticism.

Throughout his professional activity, Sextil Puşcariu’s main interest was in the Romanian language as a Romance language, its place in the Romance area and, implicitly, its individuality among Romance languages. This interest materialised in studies and articles in which the author revealed the Latin origin of the Romanian language, its structural similarities, as well as the differences compared to other Romance languages, as a result of different development circumstances. Sextil Puşcariu revealed for the first time the specific situation of the Romanian language, its value as the oldest and most certain document for the reconstitution of popular Latin forms.

This paper is intended as a tribute to this Great Man, a Man of springs and arguments, a critical and creative Spirit at the same time, who expresses and argues clearly all his ideas, a Researcher who always finds new evidence for more or lesser known truths, a Scholar whose work recommends itself through the rigor, relevance and responsibility with which it was written.

We will focus on Sextil Puşcariu’s vision regarding the Romanian language as a Romance language out of the desire to point out the main ideas emerging from the fundamental work that he developed on this issue, in order to stress once more the importance of his work in this field.

Cuvinte-cheie: Sextil Puşcariu, individualitate, romanic, limbaromână, morfosintaxă.
Keywords: Sextil Puşcariu, individuality, Romance, Romanian language, morphosyntax.

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