Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Silvia Pitiriciu


Lexical constructions derived from toponymical bases do represent a significant segment among the internal lexical creations which may constitute themselves as national distinctive features. The mutation from the statute of proper name given to a known place towards the one of an often adjectivized common noun does take place through a deriving suffixion, because of the fact that, in Romanian, -ean/-an is a rather productive suffix. The subsequent adjectives do result due to the addition of the concerned suffix to the toponym itself or to its radical, through the substitution of the suffix that has been formerly attached to the respective proper name by the specialized suffix which does indicate the origin. In some cases, this type of adjectives does as well present a folklorical form. In the Romanian language, to be aware of the existing lexical constructions derived from toponyms is a necessity, the more so as the mention concerning this type of words is lacking from the normative works that are commonly destined to a general use.

Cuvinte-cheie: derivare, sufix, lexical, toponim, antroponim.
Keywords: deriving, suffix, lexical, toponym, anthroponym.

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