Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Elena Comşulea


This paper aims to briefly sketch a portrait of Lia Manoilescu-Pușcariu, based on archive documents. Some of these are new to the scientific community and are being kept at Bran, by the descendants of Sextil Pușcariu, who generously allowed them to be consulted. Distinct periods of the life and activity of Lia Manoilescu-Pușcariu are being described, and several aspects of are hinted to: the researcher, the mother and the daughter. The main conclusion of this presentation is that, although the daughter of Sextil Pușcariu hasn’t been permitted to work at the Dicționarul limbii române (Romanian Academy’s Dictionary of Romanian Language) for as long and in the conditions she would have liked, she, none the less, in light of her theoretical contributions and effective work as a redactor, remains one of the most representative “dictionary people” in the Romanian academic tradition.

Cuvinte-cheie:  Dicționarul  Academiei,  Muzeul  Limbii  Române,  lexicografie,  arhivă,  Lia Manoilescu-Pușcariu.
Keywords:  The  Romanian  Academy’s  Dictionary  of  Romanian  Language,  The  Museum  of Romanian Language, lexicography, archive documents, Lia Manoilescu-Pușcariu.

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