Caietele Sextil Pușcariu

Oana Boc


Integral linguistics offers a systematically elaborated epistemological framework which is generally adequate for cultural sciences. In my opinion, this framework provides a solid conceptual basis for the scientific fundamentals of literature study. I have repeatedly argued that we should approach the literary text from a specific typological perspective. Through the clear distinction of the internal finalities which create meaning, the typological approach imposes a delimitation between “poetics” (as a finality which creates worlds), “apophantic” or “scientific” (as a finality which interpretes the world) and “pragmatic” (as a practical finality of social interaction). At the same time, this approach implies a restorative step of the creative activity through the discovery of the internal ways of creating meaning.

One of E. Coseriu’s most important theoretical contributions is the tripartition of the planes of language (universal, historical and individual) along with the corresponding competence types (elocutional, idiomatic, expressive). Specific norms of each plane of language: norms of congruence, accuracy and adequacy are included in the three linguistic competence types.

Starting from this theoretical basis, my paper is arguing the fact that the language norms should be independently understood within the framework according to the finalities of the process of creating meaning, in other words, in distinct and essentially different typological areas.

To be more specific, in the text type with a poetic finality, the problem of the language norms should be approached from a substantially different perspective.

Thus, I will specifically refer to the accuracy norms (from the historical plane) and to the congruence norms (from the universal plane) while trying to estimate their status in the type of poetic textuality.

Cuvinte-cheie: normele limbajului, tipologie textuală, finalitate poetică, sens poetic.
Keywords: Language norms, textual typology, poetic finality, poetic meaning.

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